Question to Nedo Rinpoche

Q: Nedo Rinpoche la, and what is important to keep in mind while building the stupa?

A: The most important is that people need very good motivation and belief in what they are doing. Also, people have to have very strong minds – if any obstacle comes, do not step back, instead, go through the obstacle. During stupa building process people should think what is going to help, how much benefit is in building stupa. And of course, with this motivation, it is easier to do everything.

And of course, for one person it will be difficult to do everything, but if many people can work together, this is the golden work, you can finish everything very quickly. Dharma friends should come and help because it is a very important job you can get. You can get a huge accumulation of merit and good impressions for our future rebirths, and remove our bad karma. It is indeed very important to do that.

(from the interview with Nedo Rinpoche in Stupkalnis, June 9, 2019)

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