Nedo Rinpoche Visited Stupkalnis

On a bright sunny morning of June 9, 2018 , the “Ground Breaking Ceremony” for the Stupkalnis stupa project took place under the guidance of Nedo Rinpoche. The ceremony was carried out in the presence of friends from several different nations.

During the ceremony, symbolic offerings — including specially made Tibetan “tormas” (offering cakes) — were given to the local protectors of the land, asking them for a permission to start the project that will be beneficial to all sentient beings.

The ceremony was carried out in the breathtakingly beautiful green meadow. Blue and cloudless sky was filled with singing birds, a gentle breeze kept the prayer flags swaying. A feeling of easiness and joy was in the air.

All our Sangha is very much looking forward to the building and inauguration process of the Stupa in Stupkalnis in the summer of 2020!

You are more than welcome to support the stupa construction in Stupkalnis retreat centre – click here to find more information how you can create your own connection to Stupkalnis stupa

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