Work in Stupkalnis continues!

Dearest friends Worldwide,
All the very best from Stupkalnis, Lithuania, where we are happily building the Lhabab Stupa! Many friends from many countries came and helped and they still do. We are deeply thankful to Lama Ole and Nedo Rinpoche for all the inspiration, friendships and unstoppable blessing that we experience.

With the help of friends from Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and many more countries we have all work done or almost done here: foundation, prefabricated blocks, golden umbrella and even 14 thousand Tsatsas are already made. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 situation and travel restrictions we do not know when exactly the ceremony of inauguration can take place.

It takes patience and time now for all conditions to come together – then the date of inauguration will be announced again. We look very much forward to welcome our Lamas and friends here, when there is no obstacles or risk to take.

Nevertheless, the work in Stupkalnis continues!

Let’s celebrate and meet during Stupkalnis autumn course with travelling teachers on 17th-20th of September 2020.

If you still have your tickets not cancelled and travelling rules allow you to enter Lithuania – join us!

Please register here and let us know if you are coming and please check travelling restrictions here

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Hope to see you very soon, stay safe!

Sincerely yours,

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