Course preparation

As we prepare for the inauguration of the Stupa, we warmly invite everyone to participate in every step of the process of completing the Stupa and the preparation of the course. Below you will [...]

КУРС по Инаугурации СТУПЫ

Мы рады пригласить вас на торжественное открытие ступы Лхабаб, посвященной нисхождению Будды из царства богов, в ретритный центр Ступкальнис. Ступа будет торжественно открыта Недо Ринпоче 24 [...]

Summer update

Life goes on in Stupkalnis — pure land, meditation, friends We are waiting forward to meeting you here! Please come for your meditation retreat, join the tsatsa repair workshop, enjoy [...]

Spring update

Dear friends, we would like to share an update on the Stupa project The situation with the inauguration date is unpredictable, so let’s see what space can provide. Meanwhile, we focus on [...]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2021! Many thanks for being together with us — for your friendship, generosity, joy, love and your wishes. This was a great inspiration for us. We will [...]

Autumn update

We continue preparation for LhaBab stupa inauguration ❤️And if travel rules allow, please come, stay, meditate and join our tsatsa workshop (all 18000+ tsatsa are already produced, now we check [...]

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